Introduction To the World of Purple Lemonade Auto Lineage 


Having been raised out of a meticulous cross from the citrus Cali genetics and purple color, the Purple Lemonade Autoflower Seeds appear with vivid contrast. They are marijuana seeds derived from purple genetics and have several medicinal uses. The germination of these auto-flower seeds requires the right temperature and environment. 

The strain of the flower is the proper constituent of lemon, sugar, and water and is the perfect strain to relax. If you are suffering from constant restlessness, the appropriate dosage and concentration of these seeds can help you attain a state of joy. Let’s take a more detailed look at these seeds. 

What are the Key Characteristics of The Purple Lemonade Seeds? 

With the moderate consumption of these seeds, several consumers reportedly benefited at a greater level. Marketing firms have been coming up with ideas to create the best products out of the tangy lemon taste of these seeds. Also, several artificial flavors are added to increase user consumption. However, there is a striking characteristic difference when it comes down to the physical features of the seeds. They are: 

  • The Aroma of the Flower: 

Starting from the onset of the flowering stage, the purple lemonade autoflower seeds are going to hold a solid lemony taste. This also brings about a fresh tinge of sour and citrus aroma that releases during the flowers blooming. The smell of the product entirely depends upon the dose and concentration that the consumer is willing to take. But the sticky nuggets make it easier for the aroma to tear through and release. 

  • The appearance of the strain: 

The physical appearance of this particular seed is vivid and solid, which makes it captivating to the eyes. The sticky nuggets and buds on the flower are complicated when it comes down to the structure. And the inhibited purple color contradicts the orange pistils of the flower. The seeds support the growth of the dense flower in all distinct directions, as a result of which creates an unusual look. However, the appearance of the sources and the flowers ultimately depends upon the environment in which they are grown. 

  • Flavor: 

Even though the flavor of the seed is quite tangy and citrus, the sourness of the fruit is generally overruled by the sweet flavor it carries. The overall taste of the seed is thus not too spicy, and by processing it right, it can be consumed. 

What Are The Medicinal Benefits of Purple Lemonade Auto? 

These moderate characteristics of this seed make it completely fit to be consumed. However, apart from this, there are a few medicinal effects that the purple lemonade auto has. The therapeutic effects of the lemonade strain are a one-stop solution to several problems. Consumption of the correct dosage can help you to effectively deal with glaucoma, nausea, anxiety, and even migraine in the worst cases. Users have also found the valuable strain for cramps and chronic pain. 

But, apart from the ease of consumption and the medicinal benefits that auto flower seeds have, there are a series of possible side effects that come with it. Make sure to consult a doctor, and only after the proper body analysis, go ahead with it.  

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